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Line by Line employs transcriptionists in all time zones so we are prepared to handle all of your transcription needs around the clock to provide best transcription services. With countless years of cumulative experience in all medical specialties, you can count on us to take care of you and your staff, regardless of the request. Meet the team!

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Our Experienced & Talented Management Team

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at 866-479-7911. You could be ready for medical dictation in a matter of
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Best Transcription Services

What you can expect from Line by Line:

  • 24-hour LIVE customer support
  • STAT Reporting to next (business) day turnaround
  • Positively NO out-sourcing (all work is guaranteed transcribed by employed medical transcriptionists for Line by Line)
  • Medical STAT services at no extra charge ***
  • Indefinite document storage with searchable options for that missing report from way back when
  • 24-hour toll-free call-in Medical dictation capabilities
  • Digital Dictation capabilities
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant document delivery and retrieval
  • EMR integration
  • Dedicated medical transcriptionist per dictator
  • Competitive rates on sliding scale based on volume
  • As-needed coverage
  • NEW robust web portal

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The philosophy of Line by Line is simple and straightforward: Deliver personalized, quality, accurate and professional medical transcription. Maintain security standards, follow technological advances and establish a customer-friendly rapport with all medical staff and personnel.

What they say?

Line by Line is loved by everyone

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