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Dictation Options

While the call-in dictation system is the most commonly used dictation choice, doctors and their staff are not limited to this option. Line by Line also caters to those individuals who prefer to use a handheld digital unit, speech mike or even your own EMR dictation piece.

Toll-Free Phone-In

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, doctors and their staff have the capability of calling virtually from anywhere in the United States. With easy-to-understand keypad features, this option can be set up in a matter of minutes and used from any land line or mobile device. Simply fill out the contact form or call our toll-free number to get an immediate user ID. This option can be interchanged with other dictation options, as well, should you and your staff prefer one method most of the time, but need quick access when away from the office or home. With this option, all dictation is recorded on a secure 128-bit encrypted server that is in turn transcriptionist accessible. The dictation is stored for 90 days and then archived.

Digital Handheld Dictation

While there are various brands of recorders that are compatible with our software, it is recommended that physicians and their staff use Olympus digital recorders for their dictation needs. With this option, dictation is stored digitally on the unit. A common PC (or multiple PCs) would be configured with the necessary software. Upon dictation completion, the handheld unit would be docked at the configured PC, converted and then automatically transferred to our 128-bit encrypted server via internet connection, which is in turn transcriptionist accessible. This method of dictation can be performed and transmitted from anywhere around the world. An internet connection is all that is required. The dictation is stored on our Line by Line servers for 90 days and then archived. Original voice files are stored in two separate locations on the user’s PC indefinitely until deletion.

Speech Mike

For those physicians such as radiologists who need a hands-free option, this is the perfect dictation option for you. With the option to control record and pause with the push of a pedal, doctors are able to view images and record their dictation via this method. Software is configured on a personal PC and when a voice file is completed and ready for transmission it is as simple as a click. The voice file is converted to the proper format necessary and then transmitted via the secure encrypted connection to Line by Line’s dictation server. This dictation then becomes available to the transcriptionist. These voice files are stored on the server for 90 days and then archived.

Your own EMR Dictation Module

As healthcare takes a turn toward more technological advances, for those physicians and their staff who have an electronic medical records program already in place, there is no need to change dictation methods. Simply dictate into your EMR piece and we will arrange access to these voice files, along with your patient’s records and transcribe directly into your own platform. The retention of these voice files is set by the user and their system’s capabilities.

For a free quote contact us toll free at 866-479-7911 or email at You can be ready to dictate in a matter of minutes!

For a free quote, click here to email us now or call us toll free at:
You could be ready to dictate in a matter of minutes.
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