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Physician Information

Line by Line services medical personnel across the United States. With a vast amount of knowledge in all medical disciplines, and with the advancement in today’s technology, Line by Line is capable of providing electronic, HIPAA-compliant dictation and delivery options all right to and from your desktop. Our objective is to deliver a quality product at a very affordable rate.

All physicians and medical personnel are designated their own individual transcriptionist, which allows for accurate and timely document creation. In the event there is a high volume of dictation, two or more medical transcriptionists are assigned to your account to adhere to turnaround timelines. There are no work pools. There is no wondering who has what expertise. You will know when you commit to Line by Line that we are committed to you. You can depend on your transcriptionist to create that quality document you can deliver directly to your associates.

Let us eliminate the stress and frustration of your current dictation situation. Call Line by Line now.


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