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Do you have what it takes to work from home? Set your own hours? Have the freedom to work in bare feet and bed clothes? Why not join the transcription community of over 150,000+ currently employed in an office and at home? At Line by Line not only do you have the flexibility to manage your family and personal affairs, but you also have the ability to make a comfortable living. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a transcriptionist in 2010 was $32,900. That’s an average of close to 16 dollars an hour. Many of these transcriptionists work only part time and with the flexibility and freedom to do it right from the comfort of their own home.

While Line by Line, like many other transcription service organizations, requires transcription certification, achieving this is just as flexible as the job itself. There are many schools who offer online courses that move at a pace that is conducive to your lifestyle and schedule. Devry, Penn Foster, Kaplan, Allied Schools and Career Step are just a few that will offer the education and certification necessary to start your career in medical transcription.

If you are already one of those transcriptionists with years of experience under your belt then you are looking in the right place. While there are many organizations that employ transcriptionists at home, Line by Line is unique in its work environment. Rather than working in large work pools, sharing dictation, rushing to beat someone to the next dictated job, Line by Line allocates each transcriptionist to their own professionals. This allows for far more accurate document creation. You become familiarized with your professional, his/her dialect, expectations and special needs. Without ever meeting your professional, you will know him/her backward and forward. And this, in turn, allows for greater production and ultimately a bigger paycheck.

In the event you need a vacation or one of your professionals has a high-volume day or chooses to unload a month’s worth of dictation at once (which we all know does happen), transcriptionists with flexibility and knowledge in that specialty are utilized to help with backlog in order to still meet the turnaround demands of the client. Should your load not be heavy enough, just say so. We will lean on you to work with others in the case of overload, as well.

The expectations of each transcriptionist are simple: Complete your job with expertise and accuracy and meet the turnaround demands required. If you feel you have what it takes to jump into a career in transcription, wait no longer. Start your education today and see for yourself the benefits of no daycare costs, working from the convenience of your own home and affording yourself the flexibility to manage your personal and family life.

Let us eliminate the stress and frustration of your current dictation situation. Call Line by Line now.


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