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Transcriptionist Comments

"I have worked for Line By Line Transcription for over 10 years. Working with Kelly Willis has been very enriching and rewarding. I have learned so much from her over the years. She has been a wonderful person to work for and is very understanding about the needs of her employees. She is always available for any question I have ever had and is helpful in finding the answers when needed. I love working from home and having the ability to make my own hours to get my work done as needed. I have had the chance to do work for a variety of doctors and have learned many different specialties of each doctor I have worked with. I am very proud to work with Kelly Willis and Line By Line." – T.H.

"LBL is a fantastic company to work for. Kelly is understanding and compassionate in times of crisis. I have known her for many years and have found her to be honest and straightforward. From a transcriptionist point of view, the software provided is easy to work with and clear in sound quality. Due to HIPAA compliance I am not allowed to mention specific names, but the doctors that have been assigned to me are awesome and dictate in an organized and concise manner. Can’t get much better than that, in my opinion!" – A.M. I’ve enjoyed working with Line By Line for several years now. Kelly Willis has an amazing ability to meet the specific needs of her clients, as well as provide a great work environment for her transcriptionists. At Line By Line, I love that I am able to work for the same customer consistently as it enables me to really get to know them and tailor my work to their unique needs. I look forward to many more years with Line By Line. – E.B.

I have been with Kelly for over 6 years and she has given me so many opportunities during this time. At Line by Line all physicians have an assigned transcriptionist instead of being in a transcription pool and this is beneficial to both the employee and the physician, allowing for more personalized service. Kelly is a great boss, very hands on, supportive and understanding and I enjoy working for her and Line by Line. I love my job! – L.G.

Working for LBL has allowed me the flexibility to stay at home with my young children while still having a viable career. Choosing when I want to work (within deadlines of course) has allowed me an option to be there for my children that an in-office job simply could not provide. When one of my children was hospitalized long-term with a major illness, I was still able to work from his hospital room, and I was able to be there for him when he needed me without having to take an extended leave of absence. LBL employs a team of reliable transcription professionals, and because of this we are able to cover each other when emergencies and unforeseen situations arise. – S.M.

I have worked for Line by line for over six years now and it has been a pleasure! Kelly was the only person who was willing to give me a chance at working as a transcriptionist after I finished my schooling. With that being said, I have been able to further my knowledge of medical terminology in many different medical fields, ranging from transplant doctors to radiology, among many more! Kelly is dedicated to her transcriptionists, as well as to her business. – E.B.

I have worked for Kelly Willis for over 20 years now. That, in itself, should say quite a bit about the owner’s commitment to its clients, as well as its transcriptionists. The team at Line By Line manages to keep the required turnaround time of its clients easily, all the while being sure that its transcriptionists are motivated, have plenty of work and are happy in their job (as I am!). I personally have witnessed time and again the management team work around their transcriptionists’ schedule needs and clients’ needs, as well. To me, Line By Line is a well-oiled "machine" because the management and transcriptionists have a solid working relationship and are truly a TEAM. The MTSO of Line By Line absolutely cares about the MTs and always works with each MT individually to be sure there is enough work and that the MT’s schedule is not overly burdensome. Because of this attitude towards the transcriptionists by the MTSO, in turn the transcriptionists work far and above what is expected of them and are perfectly willing to go beyond what is required time and again to be sure the clients’ needs are met (far exceeding the clients’ expectations time and again). I would not hesitate to recommend Line By Line as an employment opportunity and I certainly would highly recommend Line By Line as a transcription provider, as well. – S.W.

I have worked for Line by Line since 2010 and it is simply one of the best places I have worked at in my decade-long career. Kelly is thoughtful and considerate to her employees and instrumental in bringing in more business in this tough economy. – S.S. I started my journey with LBL way back in June 2008 and have been enjoying and cherishing every moment of it. For me, LBL has become my second home. I have been in this field now for more than 12 years and, as you all know, this is a very volatile industry with no guarantee of when one can lose an account or have to switch jobs. On a personal level, I can blindly put my years of experience on the line and state that working with Kelly is always enjoyable and she as our leader, and we her foot soldiers, will always give more than our 100% to get your work done. We as a team have a special understanding between us whereby in cases of emergency can cover for each other if required. You can be certain that you will get top quality promptly. Kelly is truly a precious gem. She is always there for us as transcriptionists and very understanding and always does the best she can to make our working conditions most comfortable so that we can deliver to the best of our ability. In return, the least that we can do is deliver our best on time. Personally, if required, I do not mind working longer hours or even on weekends since I believe there is a certain special working relationship that exists. Working with her is the best thing that has happened for my work experience. To all physicians, clinics, hospitals, and medical providers, I would say that come join our special family and experience something different. You will not regret it. – N.G.

I have worked for Line by Line since the inception. I have been given my own doctors who I am responsible for on a daily basis. The repetition of each account allows for accuracy and fluency. I love the customer service-oriented practice of LBL and I feel like I have a direct impact on the reports that are returned and the satisfaction that is brought to their customers. I have flexibility working for Line by Line and wouldn’t consider working anywhere else. Z.K.

Line By Line is the best company I have come across. Kelly, the owner, is a Sweetheart! I would wish all employers are like her. She is nice, helpful, understanding, wonderful, yet very professional when it comes to work and its deadlines. She tries to ensure return of work on time and every time. If I were to be a doctor, I would not only give my transcription work to LBL but would have asked my fellow doctors to try LBL! – H.P.S


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