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    FAQ for Transcriptionists
    Common Questions and Answers for Transcriptionists

FAQ - Transcriptionists

What is medical transcription?

Medical transcription (MT) is the manual processing of voice reports dictated by physicians and other healthcare professionals into text format. Healthcare providers voice-record their notes and transcriptionists convert the voice files to text, typically in digital format. Electronic data is increasingly required for compliance with Health IT and electronic medical record (EMR) or initiatives. Voice streaming is sometimes used so voice files can reach the MT department for immediate transcription.

What qualifications do I need?

Medical transcription certification is not mandated, though is highly recommended. MTs are in high demand, but the competition is fierce. With many medical transcriptionists wanting to work at home, the more qualified a person is the greater the chance for employment. Line by Line prides itself on employing highly educated, well-spoken, ambitious personnel.

What kind of pay can an MT make?

At Line by Line, transcriptionists are paid on a per-line basis, which is calculated solely on production. So the more work that is transcribed, the higher the paycheck. The pay of an MT depends on several key factors: Knowledge of terms and specialty, experience, speed, accuracy, efficiency and volume. With these factors maximized, a medical transcriptionist can make close to $50,000 a year.

How do those factors help a transcriptionist make more money?

Knowledge of terms and specialty: How well does a transcriptionist know the medical terms and the medical specialty that is being transcribed? If the answer is “really well” then there is less time spent looking up medical words and researching unfamiliar terms. If an MT knows the specialty being typed then he/she would know the difference between the words ileum and ilium? No need to look them up. Production is increased.

    Experience: With experience comes knowledge. With knowledge comes accuracy. With accuracy comes speed. With speed comes production. With production comes higher pay!

    Speed: How quickly an MT types isn’t necessarily the key to a higher paycheck, especially if there is little accuracy or knowledge. Much time is then spent having to review and edit the document, research terms, correct mistakes. But with experience, once again, speed is increased and higher-speed typing along with accuracy produce a much greater monetary reward.

    Accuracy: Accuracy is the key to medical transcription. Since “lines” are calculated on characters, and a keystroke constitutes a character, each keystroke that is typed (forward) is a keystroke closer to a higher paycheck. So every time a transcriptionist has to backspace (backward) to correct misspelled words or correct grammatical mistakes, the less the MT is earning. So, quite literally, it pays to be accurate.

    Efficiency: Are you willing to invest in a word-expander program to minimize your keystrokes and maximize your time and paycheck? Are you easily distracted by the noise of the lawnmower or your crying child? How often do you get up to walk around or take a smoking break? Do you answer the phone when it rings or let your voicemail catch it to call back later? All of these factors play into a greater (or lesser) paycheck. The more efficient a medical transcriptionist works, the greater the return.

    Volume:Here’s that crazy word, “production” once again. If the ultimate goal is a higher paycheck, then a medical transcriptionist will need and want to have a high volume of dictation in order to receive a higher paycheck. It’s that simple.

What platform does Line by Line use?

Line by Line utilizes VoiceWare. A simple software download sits on your desktop and a USB pedal is required to play the voice files. With the implementation and integration of electronic medical records (EMR), there are various platforms outside of VoiceWare that are required by Line by Line as well. This is on a per-transcriptionist basis, however, depending on the client and their dictation/transcription needs. All documents are typed in Word format and returned via our secure, robust Web Portal.

How do I apply?

Simply send your resume along with a cover letter explaining your qualifications and interests to info@linebyline.net.

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