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    Line by Line History
    Established in Dallas with doctors in mind

Line by Line History

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2000, Line by Line is owned and operated by highly qualified personnel with over a hundred years of cumulative medical transcription experience.

Our service caters to the individual needs of each medical office, physician and their staff. With many years in the medical transcription industry prior to establishing Line by Line, the underlying goal was to offer personalized, customer service-oriented medical transcription with a timely, accurate and affordable product

As the name denotes, Line by Line charges by the line based on volume and frequency. So the more you and your staff dictate, the lower the rate! And if you only need a hand getting out of a backlog bind or your transcriptionist is on leave, we can help you with that too.


Line by Line prides itself on standard next-day turnaround and STAT transcription upon request


With all of our transcriptionists versed in virtually all medical specialties, you can rest assured that accuracy will be reflected in all of your reports


With your own dedicated transcriptionist you can feel confident that your experience with Line by Line is completely personalized

Let us eliminate the stress and frustration of your current dictation situation. Call Line by Line now.


Receive a live quote with immediate setup and begin dictating within minutes.