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    Portal Security
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Portal Security

VoiceWare Data Transmission Security

Our web portal is hosted by VoiceWare. VoiceWare comes with proprietary lossless compression for telephone dictation, secure socket 128-bit encryption for all IP communications and communications data streams that can only be decrypted, decompressed and read with a VoiceWare decryptor/ decompressor that is only available as part of a licensed VoiceWare client software package. These client software packages are limited to VoiceScribe for transcription, VoiceDoc for PC dictation, VoiceWare Remote Client for remote server administration and VoiceWare Remote Importer. Additionally, encrypted Password security is used at both ends of a communication and no transfer can take place until the ID’s and passwords are matched at both ends of a communication attempt. The communication session disallows any transfer of data other than that determined to be valid for the requestor.

Any other transmission attempt shuts down the communications link. The link is also shut down automatically as soon as the request is complete. The transcription requestor actually transcribes off-line. All passwords are encrypted using the latest encryption techniques. No web-site is involved on the primary dictation and transcription server.. http, ftp and smtp protocols are NOT used and no web environment such as IIS or Apache is run on the primary dictation and transcription server. All data transfers between server and client applications are logged in the client and server applications.

The optional VoiceWare Distribution Server uses pgp encryption for the email option. And the optional VoiceWare Web Server uses https encryption in either an Adobe Jrun runtime environment using Java, or an IIS environment using ASP, depending upon the application version.

VoiceWare meets US Department of Defense requirements for securing medical information (commonly referred to as "Orange Book" requirements). U.S. military bases in Europe are currently using VoiceWare. Dictation is routed over the Internet to transcriptionists around the globe, where it is transcribed and returned, again over the Internet. This effort, originally under a contract with EDS, has been on going from 1995 to the present day.

VoiceWare meets and exceeds US HIPAA requirements for medical data privacy as part of an overall operational environment for HIPAA compliance.

VoiceWare is currently in use throughout the world by US military, US Federal, State, and local law enforcement and Canadian RCMP detachments.

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