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    Terms and Conditions
    Personal, confidential and HIPAA compliant

Terms and Conditions

Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

The confidentiality of our customers' data is a fundamental concern. We have taken careful steps to protect such data. Confidentiality obligations are an integral part of audio and document transmission regarding privileged patient information. Line by Line will neither pursue nor knowingly retain a customer relationship with an entity that is either unwilling or unable to comply with reasonable privacy and confidentiality obligations.

Line by Line recognizes that the transfer of medical data must be carried out in a manner that minimizes the risks of inappropriate disclosure and that safeguards the privacy and confidentiality of data that may identify individuals in their roles as patients and consumers. Our corporate policy is to observe all existing state and federal laws and regulations relating to the transmission, storage, and access to records and other health care data, and to maintain the security and confidentiality of patient-specific information. Therefore, Line by Line has taken steps to comply with the relevant HIPAA regulations in advance of the mandatory compliance dates contained therein.

Our administrative, technical and physical safeguards are designed to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of our customers’ data. These safeguards, discussed above as required by HIPAA, as well as all Line by Line corporate policies, are continually being reviewed and updated as part of our ongoing effort to protect the confidentiality of our customers’ data, to comply with applicable laws and remain a leader in the transcription.

Terms & Conditions / User Names

Each registered user will be required to use a unique username and password combination, in order to obtain access to the Line by Line completed documents. This states that the "Customer" agrees that it will not permit any person to use the Line by Line username and password, other than the person to whom such Line by Line username and password has been assigned, nor may any registered provider or authorized provider designee authorize or knowingly permit his or her assigned Line by Line username and password to be used by another person.

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