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    Dictation Services
    Toll-Free Phone-In. Digital handheld. Speech Mic. You’ve got options.

Dictation Options

When it comes to dictation everyone has their own needs. Line by Line offers options including our 24-hour toll-free phone-in access from any cell phone or landline, dictation via voice memos from your mobile phone or speech mic for hands-free maneuverability, and of course handheld digital dictation.

Toll-Free Phone-In

Our toll-free phone-in access is recorded on a secure 128-bit encrypted server that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can rest assured that as long as you have access to a phone of any kind (landline or mobile) you will have dictation access from anywhere in the country.

With easy-to-understand keypad features, this dictation option can be set up in a matter of minutes and you will be ready to dictate immediately. Phone-in dictation can be retrieved from our secure web portal should you ever need to listen to your recording at a later date and can be interchanged with other dictation options, as well, should you and your staff prefer one method most of the time, but need quick access when away from the office or at home.

Simply fill out our contact form by clicking here or call our toll-free number to get set up immediately.

Mobile Phone Voice Memos

An added feature with the addition of our robust platform is the option to record dictation directly onto your cell phone either through your Voice Memos or through an app that is found in your smartphone app store. Through this feature the audio recordings are sent through a secure FTP that is configured through the settings feature of your phone.

The original audio file remains on your mobile phone should you need access at a later date. Once transmitted, our experts receive the dictation and transcribe as usual.

Digital Handheld Dictation

Unruly tape recordings have fortunately become a thing of the past, but in turn have been replaced with digital dictation devices. With this option our providers can dictate on the go, in the exam room or even in the car, which offers mobility and flexibility. T

here are numerous brands of handheld recorders, all varying in cost and quality, but with the implementation of our HIPAA-compliant web portal any file type is accepted so that means any device is usable. With this dictation option, dictation is recorded digitally on the handheld device and once completed the handheld unit is "docked" or connected to a USB cable and either the web portal or our secure file transmission application will upload the files to our secure server.

This method of dictation can be performed and transmitted from anywhere around the world as long as there is an internet connection.

Speech Mike

For those individuals who prefer to be hands-free, this is the perfect dictation option for you. With the option to control record and pause with the push of a foot pedal, users are able to dictate while maintaining a hands-free setup.

Software is configured on a personal PC and when a voice file is completed and ready for transmission it is as simple as the click of a button with a mouse. The voice file is sent securely and to our servers whereby the dictation becomes available to the transcriptionist.

Let us eliminate the stress and frustration of your current dictation situation. Call Line by Line now.


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