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    Management Team
    Decades of combined experience, delivering what we promise every time

Management Team at Line by Line

Kelly Willis, Owner

Kelly started her transcription career working as an intern at the Tom Landry Center in Dallas. This position catapulted into a job performing transcription for peer reviews and Worker’s Compensation claims, ultimately managing and overseeing all in-house and contracted transcriptionists within the company. Eager to start a family and stay at home with her children, she was fortunate to land a position with a transcription company in Dallas where her medical knowledge broadened and she began transcribing for numerous physicians in various medical disciplines. Her management and transcription experience combined with her husband’s business experience, Line by Line was created in 2000.

Line by Line has since been a growing success. She now owns and operates the ever-growing business and caters to the needs of her transcriptionists and clients. Kelly graduated from Southern Methodist University where she was an accomplished, four-year All-American swimmer. She is married with three children and currently lives in Arizona. She still loves to swim and loves the outdoors, spending much of her time with her family on the lake or at the beach.

Zan Kincaid

Zan has worked in the transcription industry with Kelly since the early 1990’s. She came on board with Line by Line at the inception in 2000. Zan’s current responsibilities include managing the Quality Assurance Department. She is the liaison between the transcriptionists and our clients and handles the day-to-day workflow, working directly with our providers and their staff. In addition, she is one of our top transcription producers, transcribing for over 15 providers.

Her transcription experience began in 1993 with the County Coroner in San Diego and has transitioned into virtually all areas of transcription. She has a profound work ethic, wide array of experience within all areas of transcription, and has proven to be an integral part of Line by Line. Zan attended Arizona State University and went on to work in the United States Navy for 8 years as a Radioman.

She has a huge love for the water and has three children and one grandson.

Lisa Gruenewald

Lisa began her transcription career in 1976 where she provided transcription for numerous medical providers and ultimately managed the entire transcription department.

She began her employment at Line by Line in 2006. She started in the medical field and transitioned into legal and insurance, as well as all other disciplines. She now works with quality assurance and manages the medical sector of our transcription company.

Lisa currently resides in Florida and has one daughter. Her hobbies include motorcycle riding, fishing and hunting.

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