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    Dedicated Transcriptionists
    Our dedicated transcriptionists will become your personal transcriptionist everyday

Dedicated Transcriptionists

What sets Line by Line aside from most transcription companies is our personalized, dedicated and assigned transcriptionists. There are no work pools where your dictation is assigned to the next available transcriptionist. If you choose Line by Line, your own transcriptionist with expertise in your field will be designated to transcribe your dictation and focus on your specific needs with repetition and familiarity.

In the event that a client produces a very high volume of dictation, two or more transcriptionists will be assigned to your specific account to ensure proper turnaround adherence. You can feel confident that your transcriptionist will create a quality document that you can feel comfortable delivering to your associates without concern or embarrassment over misspelled or misused terms.

Let us eliminate the stress and frustration of your current dictation situation. Call Line by Line now.


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