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    Custom-Tailored Dictation and Document Delivery

Welcome to Line by Line

We are a US-based transcription service that caters to any and all realms of transcription including, but not limited to medical, legal, insurance transcription, scripts, manuscripts and resumes. We offer phone-in and digital dictation options with immediate electronic delivery, electronic health record integration and web portal access for convenience. We primarily service medical, legal and insurance personnel from the east to the west coast and every city, county and parish in between. With a diverse transcription staff with extensive experience, Line by Line is capable of providing dictation and delivery options right to and from your desktop. Our overall goal is to deliver a top quality product at a very affordable rate.


Line by Line prides itself on standard next-day turnaround and STAT transcription upon request


With all of our transcriptionists versed in virtually all realms of transcription, you can rest assured that accuracy will be reflected in all of your documents


With your own dedicated transcriptionist you can feel confident that your experience with Line by Line is completely personalized

Services Line by Line Provides

  • Dictation Services

    Line by Line offers various dictation options including phone-in, mobile phone app/voice memos, handheld digital dictation device or speech mic. Whatever your personal needs, Line by Line is available to personalize your service and cater to your individual needs. [More]

  • Global Document Access and Retrieval

    It doesn’t matter where you are!! Our robust web portal allows you to access your transcribed reports from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection – even from your smartphone! You can view, download and even print your documents directly from our website. [More]

  • STAT Services

    Line by Line offers STAT services with turnaround almost immediately for those incredibly urgent needs AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. Should you require STAT turnaround on all of your reports, this is doable, too (for a nominal fee, of course)! [More]

  • Dedicated Transcriptionists

    Without a doubt, the thing that sets Line by Line apart from the rest is that you will receive your own personalized and dedicated transcriptionist. There are no work pools. There is no out-sourcing. You can rest assured that your transcriptionist is part of the Line by Line team and will cater to your individual needs. This allows for far more accurate and timely transcription. [More]

  • Personalized Customer Service

    When you call on Line by Line to service your transcription needs, you can feel confident that you will speak to a human being in a prompt and attentive fashion and that your dictation is guaranteed to remain in the hands of Line by Line transcriptionists.[More]

  • Quality Control

    Our three-step quality control process means that once a document is transcribed and reviewed by the transcriptionist and is then sent to our two-person review team for two separate extra sets of eyes and ears. This process ensures the most accurate and complete delivery of your transcribed documents. [More]


  • Scott

    "I have been using Line by Line transcription since 2004. I have been consistently impressed with the excellent work... Reports are always returned promptly, formatted precisely, and, most importantly, are free of spelling errors. I have tried automated and voice-activated systems, but I much prefer the ability to reach a person who is pleasant and who can help me immediately"

    Scott Zashin Read More
  • Edic

    "I am a physician and have used the services of Line by Line for many years. After working with many transcription companies over the years, I have found Line by Line to be the most reliable. They send me my dictation on a timely basis and respond to me quickly when I need assistance. I give them my highest recommendation!"

    Edic Stephanian, M.D. Read More
  • Sheldon

    "Line by Line has serviced our transcription since 2006 with great customer support and personalized service. I know I can depend on my dictation to be returned within the 24-hour timeframe and if I need something urgently it will be completed in no time at no extra charge."

    William Sheldon Read More