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    Global Access
    Access your records from anywhere in the world

Global Document Access

It doesn’t matter to us where you're located! If you have access to an internet connection via computer or even smartphone you can view, download and even print your documents directly from our web portal. In addition to our web portal access, we also offer email and fax delivery, as well as delivery into your electronic health records should you have one in place.

Web Portal

Our most widely used delivery option is through our secure web portal. With this option, you and your staff are designated personalized, secure log-in credentials. Once accessed, you have options within the portal which are widespread and convenient. You can choose to download the document directly to your PC, edit a document directly from the portal, electronically sign and distribute to staff or colleagues, print and store these documents indefinitely. Features such as personalized messages and search criterion allow the end user a robust portal experience. You can locate reports by name, date of dictation, keywords or user. The portal can be used to monitor the status of your dictation and where it is in the transcription process.

Again, you can even playback audio recordings if there is a question about something that was typed. This feature is accessible from any internet-connected device, including a home or work PC and even a smartphone. By far the most convenient option, the web portal lets you run your office right at your fingertips!

EHR Entry

For those medical providers who work with Electronic Health Records, we can do the work for you. Save overhead and skip utilizing in-house staff to enter the transcription - we have hired staff who is specifically designated for this purpose.

For a nominal fee, this delivery option allows for the dictation to be transcribed by our staff, which is available immediately through our web portal upon completion and then entered into your EHR by our highly trained experts at the end of each business day. Each of our experts has a vast knowledge and experience with numerous electronic health record programs.

File Retention

For those unforeseen emergencies where a computer crashes or an office floods and patient documentation is completely lost, we are here to save the day. As long as you are a client of Line by Line, your transcribed documents are retained in redundant backup environments that are easily accessible even once a file is archived. If a copy of the report you need is not accessible via our web portal, simply contact Support and a copy can be redirected.

Should a client terminate the relationship with Line by Line, all files pertaining to that customer will be retained for an additional 30 days and then permanently purged. THESE FILES WILL NOT BE ACCESSIBLE FOLLOWING THIS 30-DAY PERIOD.

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